Campbeltown to Machrihanish

The penultimate day of the Kintyre Way is from Campbeltown to Machrihanish, and at 5.25 miles (8.75 km), is by far the shortest section. This part of the walk should take approximately 2 hours to complete and is over virtually flat ground and largely on well maintained paths and roads.

By now you have completed 66 miles (106.2 km) of the Kintyre Way and could be showing signs of the physical and mental stress your body has been through. As today’s section is comparatively very short it may be worth taking some time away from relentlessly marching onwards. Campbeltown offers you the opportunity to visit the small cinema, enjoy a nice meal or simply amble around town. This could also be an ideal opportunity to visit the Laundromat to clean any of your kit that has become bogged down or a bit smelly. This is especially important for your feet which should be treated to a clean pair of socks at least once a day, or more if they have managed to get wet.

This small respite is also a great opportunity to spend a few hours moving around without your bag on your back. If you have been carrying a tent around for the last 5 days you certainly notice the difference without it. You may also be carrying bruising on your shoulders where the straps have been digging in and it is also reasonable to expect the shoulder muscles to be aching and the back to be quite sore. You may be more tired than usual due to the previous days of relatively long walks and having some time to rest will help recharge your batteries, which will be helped by the relative shortness of the upcoming walk and the opportunity to rest again before finishing the Kintyre Way.

When you are ready to get underway, start in the centre of Campbeltown and make your way up the main street until you come to a sign post for the B842. Take this turning which heads towards Southend and Machrihanish and passes the Campbeltown Heritage Centre which is housed in an old large church building. As you are leaving Campbeltown on the B842, keep to the pavement on the right hand side of the road. It is important to note that this road can be very busy at times so it is worth taking extra care to make sure you do not stray out onto the road.

You will continue along this road until you get to the small village of Stewerton. Here you will come to a junction and should take the right hand turn towards Machrihanish which crosses the Chiscan Water and leads on to Drumlemble.

Now heading down towards the coastline you will start to see signs for Machrihanish Golf Course which the road passes on the final run into the village. After passing the sand dunes which run across the beach you will have arrived into Machrihanish. Here you will find a small variety of accommodation and some stunning scenery for your final days rest before heading out on day 7 and the final section of the Kintyre Way.